Friday, May 7

New DEXA SCAN - 10% BF! Goal Attained.

I ran a new DEXA scan today.  I am now at 10.3% overall.  That is pretty much my goal.

Some of the details are interesting.  Here is how things have progressed since December:
                    May                            December
Overall:        10.2%                        13.7%

Here are the Lean Muscle mass numbers.  I have actually lost muscle mass in the upper body and Trunk.  I gained in the lower body.  I think that is a reflection on my transition to running and insanity over P90X.  Running and Insanity require more legs and less upper body.   This makes me want to dial up the upper body a bit.   It is good to see my left leg come in line with my right.  I think that is why it does not hurt on runs anymore.  If my right arm and left arms were in an arm wrestling contest, left would be crushed.

LArm:           5205gm                     5553gm
RArm:           6148gm                     6329gm
Trunk:           33531gm                   36764gm
LLeg:            13725gm                   12699gm
RLeg:            13736gm                   13107gm

Anyhow, I still think DEXA is the best measure of progress on weight loss.  I will probably do this again in 12 months to see the ongoing progress.

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