Why P90X? Does it Work?

I love running. I mean I really love it. The feel of knocking out 10+ miles and pushing myself outside with no equipment but running shoes is great for me. I usually get the runners high around 3-4 miles in and just feel great. I have run 4 marathons and tons of 1/2s.

In my 20s, I could keep my weight down by just running and never had to worry about what I ate. Once I got into my 30s, I started gaining weight and running alone would not keep the fat at bay. Every year, I gained 8-10 lbs until last year when I maxed out around 270#.

I was totally frustrated and did not know what to do. I had friends that stayed skinny by hardly eating, but that would not work for me. Besides, they were not in shape, just skinny. I also had friends that hit the gym rigorously and lifted weights all the time, but I could not make time to get to the gym to work out and I really did not know what to do once I got there.

The my buddy Jim Torina lost about 50# in a pretty short time frame. Everyone was amazed and I was super envious. I knew that if he could do it, I sure as heck could. I finally got up the nerve to ask him and he told me about P90X. I was skeptical, but curious. One night I was up late watching TV and the infomercial came on. I saw all the other guys on the show that had similar results to Jim and I decided to buy it. There I was at 2AM, basking in the glow of the Mac anxiously entering my info and hoping this would be the answer.

It finally arrived about five days later. I felt like the Ralphie from Christmas Story that got the decoder ring in the mail. That night I put in Chest and Back. I knew I would need a pull up bar and weights and had already bought those. I could not do one pull up unassisted and the abs were a joke. The next day I tried Plyometrics and was breathing so hard, I thought I would puke. I started getting more and more sore too and maybe a little discouraged.

Could I do it? Could I bring it?

Then I read about protein shakes and started dialing in my nutrition more. I really brought up my protein levels and brought down the carbs just like the nutrition plan in P90X says. Then I started recovering faster and enjoying the workouts more.

My first time at Yoga was pretty ugly and I was not sure if it or Kenpo were for me. Now I love them both.

Anyhow, I stuck with it and pretty soon the days turned into weeks and then I got to the end of my first month. At 45 days people started noticing changes and by 60, I could already tell I was on a path to success.

The last 30 days were amazing. It is like I went into hyperdrive and everything accelerated.

I think there really is something to this muscle confusion/perodization theory. Every time I started to feel like I was on top of it, the program would hit the reset button and then I would start seeing even bigger results.

I am now well into my second round. Every time I take a rest day or recovery week and then come back to the big resistance and cardio workouts, even bigger results happen.

Now I have started to add in the P90X Plus workouts as well as adding running back. I love running even more now, but just as one more tool in my workout arsenal. I cannot imagine what would have happened if P90X had not come into my life. I thank Jim T, Tony Horton, Beachbody and all the folks that have encouraged me along the way.

Yes, P90X works
Yes, it is hard
Yes, if you stick with it, you will get in the best shape of your life.